Missouri Police Murders University Student After The Guy Threatens To Expose Their Unique Affair

Jesse Valencia ended up being discovered together with his throat slit on a field near the institution of Missouri.

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Into the quiet university area of Columbia, Missouri, the worst criminal activities neighborhood law enforcement officials normally deals with are rowdy, drunken functions.

“Homicides in general happened to be unheard-of,” Capt. Zim Schwartze associated with Columbia authorities office informed “An Unexpected Killer,” airing Thursdays at 8/7c on air.

That changed, but throughout the mid-day of June 5, 2004, whenever University of Missouri junior Jesse Valencia got located dead along with his throat slit on a field near campus. The 23-year-old had been sleeping face up and sporting just a pair of boxer shorts.

“The cut to his neck was actually … very deep the knife of this blade got furthermore nicked the spine,” mentioned Boone County Special Prosecutor Morley Swingle, including that Valencia had a few bruises across their breastbone and between his neck.

Investigators discovered Valencia lived alone simply a block from in which their human body had been discovered, although talking to their neighbors, one-man reported reading an argument happen around 4 a.m. inside Valencia’s suite.

To find out who was with Valencia before he was slain, police interviewed their friends and class mates, and Andrew Schermerhorn, Valencia’s “friend with benefits,” came forth with an alarming allegation. Schermerhorn reported Valencia is having sexual intercourse with a Columbia officer, and that the 3 of those got a sexual encounter at Valencia’s suite just a few months ahead of the kill.

After setting up, the officer informed all of them the event needed to remain a secret, based on Schermerhorn. Investigators have Schermerhorn look through the Columbia authorities Department’s yearbook, and he recognized Patrolman Steven Rios, a 27-year-old married dad, since the guy Valencia have gender with.

By exploring Rios’ whereabouts on the day Valencia was receive, detectives determined he’d attended the crime scene to assist recognize one’s body, telling the sergeant working which he knew the prey from a prior incident.

On April 18, 2004, police split a celebration during the residence of Valencia’s pal. Rios was the officials present, and Valencia requested your for possible cause.

“That had gotten your detained,” Swingle stated. “And Steven Rios offered your a municipal courtroom summons for obstructing a government process.”

On decrease to the section, Rios questioned Valencia a few individual concerns, based on his mother, Linda Valencia. And the attention didn’t hold on there.

The very next day, Rios arrived at Jesse’s house unannounced, claiming he previously extra concerns that must be replied.

“They went several times then, and then he would started to Jesse’s house … even if he had been in consistent,” Linda informed “An unanticipated Killer.”

Good friend Joan Sheridan verified that Jesse watched Rios several times after the arrest, which he’d drop by the apartment “just for gender,” stated Swingle. Sheridan also uncovered that after Jesse visited judge for his summons, he presumed the charge was ignored due to his commitment with Rios.

“It was not terminated, and this got angered Jesse,” Swingle mentioned. “So Jesse got told Joan that ‘The the next time law enforcement policeman appear more than, I’m supposed make sure he understands that i’ve a little information the chief of police must know[.]’”

In an interview with detectives, Rios denied the event, but after they confronted him with the testimony from Jesse’s pals, the guy acknowledge he had a sexual union with Jesse. The guy managed, however, he got nothing to do with the murder, along with a lack of actual proof, no charges had been filed.

After the meeting, Capt. Schwartze was given a worrying telephone call from Rios, whom stated he previously “done an awful thing.” The guy informed Capt. Schwartze he was 150 miles away in Kansas urban area and therefore he had bought a shotgun.

“I really believed he was gonna eliminate himself,” Capt. Schwartze mentioned, adding that she pleaded with your another to Columbia so that they could sort everything completely. Once Rios returned, he had been used into safety custody and put on a 96-hour hold at a mental establishment.

Rios managed to break free making his option to the roofing system of a parking garage, in which he threatened to agree committing Overland Park escort service suicide. Authorities arrived at the scene and were able to chat your off of the ledge. He had been once more put in a mental center, and during this time period, outcome came back from forensic laboratory.

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